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Thu, 24th July  4582
fucKING SOPHIA; he falls against her; exhausted and completely and utterly satisfied; for the first time in years he trusts someone else to hold his weight; her hands move to lock around his waist and come up over his back; to dig in as he gives one last final thrust; her eyes flutter closed and they bask in the feeling of skin on skin; warmth; there is no fear or uncertainty or regret; only the complete certainty that when they wake again they won't be alone; is this what elena thinks about now?; she remembers how perfectly his body was aligned with hers; and then she misses the warmth of his body next to hers; or over hers; or under hers; she turns and finds him missing; no amount of words could express that either; the world came crashing down; and she didn't know if she could survive that; HAHA FUCK; delena; dex; blood //; nsfw;


tiffany bringing dex onto my dash since 2kalways

Thu, 24th July  3
about me; ily;
Thu, 24th July  825
heart against my chest; lips pressed to my neck; that little gasp for air as his hands travel over her skin; the trust that accompanies letting his body secure hers; his breath against her cheek; real love is almost always chaotic; it consumes; he consumes her; her eyebrows furrow together as she attempts to make sense from it; to understand why his touch sets fire to her skin; she should focus on his words instead; 'i'll do whatever you need me to do elena'; she's won; 'i'm not going to let anyone hurt you'; it should scare her; that this man has made another promise to her; that he will be her safety; but there is no fear here; only intensity; he consumes her. and she doesn't pull away.; he consumes her; and she lets him; delena; dex;


morallydubiousprincesS: #elena wants the d and there is no amount of physical objects she won’t destroy to get it #lamp? screw that #’i don’t give a fuck if it’s an antique god damon i just want your body’ #’oh? that sidetable was your grandmother’s?’ #’lol okay i’m just gonna rip the buttons of your expensive designer shirt and haphazardly throw around all your expensive things’ #and you know for the time being damon blissfully doesn’t care because elena fucking gilbert is touching him #but secretly in the middle of the night he cleaned up the lamp and made sure there were no dents in the table #and then sewed the buttons back on his shirt while elena was at school

Thu, 24th July  1727
Thu, 24th July  4069


#you guys do realize that he’s sucking her tongue right? #he’s fucking her and sucking her tongue at the same time

Thu, 24th July  11585
fCUEKIGNGGGGGGGGGGGGG; delena; dex; nsfw;
Thu, 24th July  981
JAAHAHHA OPK; delena; dex;
Thu, 24th July  795
fCIUlkig; delena; dex;

Oh Ian's Dick by morallydubiousprincess from "Antonia Sings about TVD Cast Body Parts to the Tune of O Canada" Album


Oh Ian’s dick
Our home and native cock
True patriot love in all our dick commands
With growing fear we see the rise
The true dick hard and free
From far and wide, oh monster dick
We stand on hard for thee
God keep his dick, monstrous and free
Oh Ian’s dick we stand on hard for thee
Oh Ian’s dick we stand on hard for thee

Thu, 24th July  254
HAHAHA AHA FUCK; OMG; ian's monster dick;

#Holy shit everyone! #I just realized that when Damon is kissing her breasts he’s sliding his hand between her legs at the same time! #See how she suddenly sucks for air as his hand moves lower? #That’s because he’s rubbing her through her jeans #before he grabs her ass bringing her closer to him and grinding his hardness against her #They so would have fucked. No question

Thu, 24th July  13190



little orgasm 

bloodandbourbon-neat: #see when elena grabs that mantel? #that’s the exact moment when damon pulls her closer and grinds his hardness against her #and that kissing - it’s like they are completely in the moment #deciding that this is it. #see how elena runs her fingers down his throat? #i bet she is as attracted to his throat as i am #fuck this is hot

Thu, 24th July  1908
jESUS CHRIST; delena; dex;
Thu, 24th July  902
he grips the headboard as her lips trail down his skin; lower and lower and lower; he has to grip at something; has to find something real; because surely this is a dream; but it isn't; this is reality; right here; elena gilbert; the girl he's been in love with forever; she's going down on him; these are her lips on his skin; these are her hands traveling over his body; and he doesn't love her because she isn't katherine; he doesn't love her because she wears katherine's face; he loves her because she's her; he loves the body she uses as her own; and he loves her right now; it consumes him; how much he loves her; delena; dex; i'M---;
Thu, 24th July  217
MATTIE; matt donovan; grief ///; blood //;


ok im doing a damon and elena sex spam bc why the fuck not. backlist delena or dex to avoid (why would u tho lmao)

Thu, 24th July  4
probably gonna reblog all her shit so;


my mom’s perfume.

Thu, 24th July  160
no; elena gilbert;
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