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The Vampire Diaries 5x20 Extended Promo - What Lies Beneath


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Enzo died in the moment he flipped the switch.

As soon as he let his humanity go, he gave up on his life. Because Enzo endured unbearable pain and loneliness for decades but deep down he always had hope that one day he’d get a life again. Otherwise he wouldn’t keep feeling everything when he…

so many of damon’s relationships happen in the dark

and the more i think about it the more i think it has to do with how much he genuinely doesn’t want to live up to anyone’s expectations (and risk disappointing them “all I have is disappointment, damon” something that was ingrained in him since childhood) - it isn’t just that damon states it.. tvd actually frames it that way, and not just with the good brother/bad brother dichotomy

tvd makes a point of saying that so much of what damon feels is private - and yet, how his actions affect others on such a massive level (he starts off in s1 as the villain, after all.) you begin to think, “no wonder he thinks he destroys everything” because ultimately, that’s what he’s always been told. he’s the selfish impulsive vampire. he’s the bad brother. he’s the dangerous brother. no goodness, no kindness, no love. for someone who doesn’t want to live up to anyone else’s expectations, he sure does a good job at playing the damon everyone expects him to be - until people start expecting more (until she starts expecting more), and that’s where things get complicated. it’s where damon has to start actually focusing on who he wants to be - not on what facade will help everyone else sleep at night

damon’s relationships with elena and enzo are no different

no one sees the moments that matter; the moments on elena’s porch and bed and kitchen. no one in MF seems to know anything about them, and it’s easy to imagine why: it’s been set up that way

damon and elena, first and foremost, is about intimacy, and intimacy isn’t screamed out from the rooftops. it’s quiet. slow-growing. beautiful.

similarly, no one knows anything about his relationship with enzo, either

the MF gang for the most part saw enzo as a bad influence, as his “murder buddy”  they don’t know that enzo kept him alive and gave him the strength to believe in his brother when all he wanted to do was give up. they don’t know that enzo protected him several times and invented the term not-leaving

these relationships happen in the dark because damon happens in the dark

he’s not a hero, and you are not allowed to feel his guilt. he doesn’t ask for validation and he doesn’t want to be rewarded for the good he’s done—he goes to extreme lengths to keep it that way; he doesn’t let people see the good in him, because when people see good they expect good, and he doesn’t want to live up to anybody’s expectations

what’s so great about this season is that damon isn’t allowed to hide anymore

he has selfish moments and moments of weakness and is just as fucked up as always, if not more

but he’s realized that he can’t keep moving from place to place—and he’d rather be surrounded by people who see him as a monster and known him for who he is rather than those who don’t. he doesn’t want to run. he refuses to. 

kiss me or kill me. 

he’s made his choice, a third option that katherine never told him about: he could walk away. (or could he?)

and he offers enzo that same chance.

hate me. kill me. it’s your choice.

you don’t have to love me like this. 


but no you don’t understand

i am literally in love with damon salvatore


AU: Elena deals with Damon’s death in Season 6.


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how I tell stories

me:and then she was like
me:and im like
me:but then shes like
me:then theyre like
me:so i was like
me:yeah like
me:i know like


I am laughing because of some tweets though.

Stefan to Elena rn is like Jeremy to Damon.

But in all seriousness, the Stefan telling Elena to keep Enzo being dead a secret is similar to Damon explaining to Jeremy why he lied in the season 5 premiere and it’s basically as Damon said in 2x21 “She doesn’t need another grave to mourn”. So stop hating on Stefan so much, maybe?

and a wild Stefan Salvatore appears..


I am really interested in these tag posts so here is another


Did the violin that played
Make it’s way through the gauzy curtain?

"He said he envied me for having a brother […] He defended you, Stefan; even though he didn’t know you… He said it was good that we had people on the outside—people just living their lives, free and clear of our Augustine hell."

damon basically told stefan that he loved him


i don’t want feelings

get them away from me